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Van Tharp is one of the world’s leading trading coaches, and he teaches people how to make serious money in the markets. His key is mindset, not fancy techniques. And anyone can learn to change his or her mindset (if they so choose) and be successful in this business. 

I have interviewed three of Van Tharp’s SuperTraders and two of them are women! They shared with me their secrets to success, and I want to share them with you. Odds are that you have a lot of misperceptions about trading that are preventing you from even looking at this way of making money. You don’t have to be like the guys on Wall Street, driven by fear and greed. You can be in the comfort of your own home, far from the frenzy, quietly making consistent profits. 

Laurens Bensdorp is a trading coach and professional money manager. He is one of Van Tharp’s SuperTraders who I interviewed. He is trading his way to financial freedom and is sharing his skill with others in multiple ways. He offers one-on-one coaching to a select few who are interested in developing their own winning strategy. I am currently in his coaching program. He also manages accounts for high net worth individuals who want to hand over the reigns to someone else to generate consistent, double-digit returns for his clients.

Discover how three of Van Tharp’s SuperTraders trade their way to financial freedom. Listen to the interviews before you cross trading off your list as a viable way for you to generate income.

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