Remote Viewing of Sophia’s travels in Chile, Argentina, and Panama, Spring 2013

Remote Viewing (AKA Sophia’s travel blog) is a way for you to connect with Sophia and do some “remote viewing” of her experiences as she: 

  • attends the Offshore Tactics Workshop,
  • explores some of the wonders of Chile,
  • lives like a local in Mendoza, Argentina, and
  • applies for permanent residency in Panama. 

Sophia will be your eyes and ears on the ground. She will write about the experience of visiting Chile for the first time. Not only will you get to read Sophia’s first impressions in real-time, but you’ll also get to comment and ask questions while she’s still in a position to do further research.

With real-time access, you can write comments and questions that Sophia will see while she’s still there and she’ll do her best to respond to them.

Sign up before she leaves the U.S. on March 23 so you won’t miss a thing. For the low price of $7.95, you’ll get to travel, virtually, with her for only $7.95 on a trip that’s costing her more than $10,000.