Protecting Possessions in Big Cities

April 28, 2016      

One of the things I like about visiting Panama City is that I have a friend who lives there. She and I have been getting together for years…maybe since 2010. We always have a nice time catching up and she is into a lot of interesting things. She is an investor and has learned some valuable lessons about life in Latin America.

She was robbed last December. She was walking home and was very near to her home when a guy on a motor-scooter drove by and grabbed onto her purse. She thought about hanging on, but decided it would be ill-advised and let go. She lost her cell phone, lots of cash, her keys, etc. It was a pretty unpleasant experience.

That’s a lesson to all of us to put cash in a money belt under your clothing so that it is not easily accessible to thieves…especially if you’re carrying a large chunk of change. I haven’t figured out how to protect a cell phone, except to find out if there is a way to back-up all of your contacts with your provider so that if your phone is lost or stolen, you will not also lose all of your contact information.

When I travel, I use a travel purse from PacSafe. There is wire mesh running throughout the satchel part of the purse, as well as through the strap. It also uses RFID-blocking technology. This still wouldn’t protect you from being dragged down the street if a guy on a motor-bike grabs your purse and keeps going.

I don’t want to carry a cell phone too close to my body so I would not carry it under my clothes. I have a small and a larger version of the same purse. A belt can be threaded through loops on the smaller travel purse so that seems like something a would-be thief would not try grabbing. It’s not like it could just slide off of your shoulder.

Yours in prosperity,

Sophia Hilton

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