Sophia’s Travel Blog

Remote Viewing (AKA Sophia’s travel blog) is a way for you to connect with Sophia and do some “remote viewing” of her experiences as she: 

  • attends the Offshore Tactics Workshop,
  • explores some of the wonders of Chile,
  • lives like a local in Mendoza, Argentina, and
  • applies for permanent residency in Panama. 

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Savvy Woman Interview Series

Leaders in the world of finance and investing share their insider tips on:

  • How to get better investment returns without dramatically increasing risk
  • The three key components of the financially Savvy Woman’s balanced portfolio 
  • Why offshore accounts make sense to protect you against a US collapse 
  • What currency to be in when inflation gets out of hand
  • Ensure that your money mindset isn’t sabotaging your success
  • Why the typical portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds is riskier than you think
  • How you can trade for a living no matter what type of market you are in
  • Why the rich don’t “go it alone” when it comes to wealth management 
  • Why farmland in another country may be your best investment this year
  • How to spend less time working and earn more from anywhere that has Internet access
  • How to make sure that your assets last longer than you do
  • How to live like a queen on half of what you spend now

 It’s been a tough road the last couple of years for so many people. But now is the time to take advantage of the techniques and practices these teachers, coaches and international investors are here to share.

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