How to Find Your Soul Mate

I am as positive as I can be that I have found my soul mate. Of course, I have only known him for two weeks now, so as I get to know him better that could change. With the information available to me thus far, I think he’s the one.

As I wrote in an earlier post, I met him at a Oneness Deeksha at the Van Tharp Institute. I am writing this to share the way I attracted the man of my dreams into my life. I am sure there are other ways to do so, but I will write about the way it happened for me so that you can use the same technique if you want to.

I wrote down a description of the man I want to share my life with. I did this about 4 or 5 years ago. I was as specific as I could be. I came up with the following itemized list:

  • Has a sense of humor
  • Is Confident
  • Is or was a successful entrepreneur/businessman
  • Brilliance/genius
  • Treats me with respect
  • Likes music and dancing
  • Is environmentally conscious
  • Loves animals and riding horses
  • Adores me
  • Is healthy
  • Is positive and energetic
  • Is compassionate and loving
  • Works on himself via transformational training

I’ve been meeting men through dances and through an online dating website. I have tried to talk myself into believing that so many of them would work out for me. I was wrong in all of those cases. After my last relationship ended in May, I was ready to stop looking and just wait for my soul mate to show up.

I was still going dancing because I love to dance. And I was still going to Oneness Deeksha’s at the Van Tharp Institute when I could. I made a special point of going when he had people there from out of town who were there for his workshops. I figured that would offer the opportunity to meet other traders and successful people. Most of the attendees of the workshops are men so I knew it wasn’t a bad place to be so that my soul mate could show up.

On the day when I met Sam (name changed to protect the innocent), I consciously decided not to put on makeup and not to drive my sports car. I was not going with the expectation of meeting that special someone. I was simply going to a Oneness Deeksha and looking forward to meeting the attendees from out of town.

Same started asking me about a place to eat southern barbecue since I live in the area. I ended up being invited to go to the restaurant I recommended with a group of guys who were there to learn to trade. I gave a couple of them my business card, including Sam. He emailed me that evening asking if we could get together again. I accepted. I took him to another southern barbecue restaurant 4 days later. Again, I did not wear makeup and did not drive my sports car. On that night. I learned he was interested in me and wasn’t just interested in talking about Oneness, transformation, and trading.

After this meeting, I decided to drive my sports car to our next encounter. He was very excited about the car and that was fun. I had already determined that the sports car was not what attracted him to me. He was attracted to who I am, not to what I drive and how I look with makeup. 

My recommendation to those of you who are looking for your soul mate is to write down a list to describe your perfect soul mate in as much detail as you can. Then, release it to the Universe to deliver him to you. Get out to places where you are more likely to meet him, but don’t go expecting to meet him. Just be sure not to sit home every night because it’s very unlikely that you will meet him there!

I’m not the person to tell you not to try to force-fit the wrong man into your soul mate criteria. I wanted a man in my life so much and I didn’t want to wait. Because of that, I kept seeing things in men I went out with that weren’t there. When those relationships ended, I was sad not because I wanted that man in my life but because I had failed again to find “the one.”

I worked on myself until I understood that it was not a problem with me that was causing these relationships to end. And it was not a problem with the men, either. They just weren’t my soul mate. With this understanding, it became easier and easier to let go of men who were not my soul mate. I just kept the faith that he was out there and on his way to me…and then he showed up!

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