Sophia has Returned to Uruguay for Further Exploration

2017-10-25 I attended a conference in Punta del Este, Uruguay in March 2017. I never got around to writing about what I learned due to a heavy travel schedule. I liked Uruguay enough to return and am writing from La Paloma, Rocha, Uruguay now (October 2017). The2017 Offshore Investment Summit was a production of Banyan Hill Publishing (formerly The Sovereign Society). When I attended the conference in March, I was pleasantly surprised by many things. Because of this and because I met a very nice couple who live in Uruguay part of the year, I decided to come back and … Continue reading

Colorful, Bougainvillea-covered Houses

February 2, 2017 My Attraction to San Miguel      Things I really like about SMA are the sunny skies and intense sun. I also enjoy the colorful houses, one next to the other, covered with flowers. There are beautiful houses with vibrant colors and bougainvillea readily visible to anyone walking down the street. I appreciate that they are not hidden behind gated communities, but can be found everywhere. Well-kept high-end houses are right next to empty or neglected houses. There are tons of artists here and plenty of stores if you’re in the market for art or just like to look. … Continue reading

Why I Decided to Check Out San Miguel de Allende

January 19, 2017 Let me explain why I decided to explore San Miguel de Allende (SMA) as a place to live in the future. I had heard about this location from a Mexican woman living in Boquete, Panama several years ago. She told me there is a huge ex-pat population there. From what I’ve found online, as well as what the “Mexico expert” at the Retire Overseas Bootcamp told me, it sounds like there may be more than 10,000 ex-pats living in the SMA area. Large Ex-pat population I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad … Continue reading

Protecting Possessions in Big Cities

April 28, 2016       One of the things I like about visiting Panama City is that I have a friend who lives there. She and I have been getting together for years…maybe since 2010. We always have a nice time catching up and she is into a lot of interesting things. She is an investor and has learned some valuable lessons about life in Latin America. She was robbed last December. She was walking home and was very near to her home when a guy on a motor-scooter drove by and grabbed onto her purse. She thought about … Continue reading

Doctors and Dentists in Panama – My Experiences

April 28, 2016        As long as I was going to be in Panama for a few days, I decided to visit a dermatologist. I had been to one in Panama in 2013 and had a very good experience. Therefore, I had no qualms about having this work done there. And I knew it would be a lot less expensive than having it done in the U.S. I set up an appointment a week before my visit. Once again, I’m pleased with the results. I had several (9) “spots” on my back cauterized and it only cost $150. There … Continue reading

Armed Guards in the Mall in Medellin

September 9, 2015      I forgot to mention this in my previous articles about Medellin. You should not be surprised to see armed guards carrying guns in their hands. My brother and I were sitting in the Santa Fe Mall in Medellin and we saw two guards go into a retail store and come out a bit later carrying cash. One guard, who was carrying the cash, also was carrying a pistol. The other guard had both hands on his shotgun. My brother and I were trying to decide if this is simply meant as a deterrent to wanna-be … Continue reading

Why You Need WhatsApp if You Visit Medellin

August 4, 2015     Using My Mobile Phone in Medellin      This was the first time in a long time that I didn’t get a chip for my phone when I was in a foreign country. That’s because I have a new iPhone that is not unlocked. Fortunately, T-Mobile provided free WiFi calling and free texting. Texting and regular phone calls use the cellular network. If I made a regular phone call, it cost me 20 cents per minute. If I used WiFi calling, it was free, but I had to be connected to the Internet via a WiFi … Continue reading

Is It Really Eternal Spring in Medellin?

July 29, 2015       The Medellin Climate       I kept the door to the balcony open all the time at my apartment in El Poblado. The temperature was always just about perfect. It would cool off at night for sleeping and then warm up during the day. There were only one or two nights when I was too warm. So, my assessment is that it’s true what they say about the climate being that of “eternal spring.” The weather was warmer than I expected it to be. Some people told me that it was unusually warm for … Continue reading

Places I Stayed in Medellin

July 21, 2015     The Estrada Concept      In Medellin, neighborhoods are rated from 1 – 6. Estrada 1 neighborhoods are the poorest, while Estrada 6 neighborhoods are the richest. If you live in Estrada 6, you pay more for your utilities than the people living in Estrada 1. I found that interesting. In the U.S. different counties charge different rates for utilities and different cities charge different amounts, but I don’t think the utility rates vary within a city itself. Maybe some cities do that and I just have never lived in one of them. Estrada 6  … Continue reading

My Assessment of Las Vegas as a Place to Call Home in the U.S.

May 7, 2015     I just left Las Vegas. I rented a room in a nice house on the northwest edge of Las Vegas. It was very quiet and I walked in the hills behind the neighborhood each morning. One day, I walked late in the day, just before dusk, and a jack-rabbit ran past me! I was in Las Vegas for a month and did not visit The Strip once. The dryness did affect me at first, but my body seemed to adjust after just a few days. I had some nosebleeds and dry skin. My back actually … Continue reading