Chacras in Uruguay and Cuts of Beef

2017-11-1 Chacras and Real Estate            Chacras are small parcels of farmland, starting at about 5 hectares. A hectare, to be precise, is 2.47105 acres. They’re not big enough to farm. I was interested in buying one because a) they’re affordable and b) they are a reasonable way to get some money out of the U.S. and into something real in Uruguay. Farmland in Uruguay has a lot of appeal. I read an article by Lee Harrison a few months ago about buying chacras in Uruguay starting at $45,000. The cheapest one I saw was priced … Continue reading

A Mango Farm in Panama

April 13, 2016 I was in Panama two weeks ago. It was a quick trip. I was only there for 3 ½ days. The primary reason for my visit was to see a mango farm that was promoted by Live and Invest Overseas at the conference I attended last year in Medellin. The last piece of my international diversification plan, which I have not yet implemented, is to invest in real estate outside the U.S. I’ve been working and saving up money so that I could do this. Now I have enough saved for a modest real-estate purchase. What I … Continue reading

A Fascinating Comparison

August 12, 2015      Every week, I listen to David McAlvany’s weekly commentaries. I recently heard him talk about some interesting numbers. If you had $1,000,000 USD in 1913, it would now be worth $20,000. If you had $1,000,000 USD of gold in 1913, it would now be worth $62,000,000. Do you understand why I believe in owning gold? … Continue reading

Why I Changed My Mind About Buying the Finca in Colombia

August 12, 2015      First of all, my enthusiasm was partly fueled by what is called the “margarita effect.” That’s usually applied to the phenomenon where people think they want to live in a place where they had a wonderful vacation and then find that living there is a completely different (and disappointing) experience from vacationing there. After the excitement wore off, I realized that I would be stretching my finances too thin. My ability to buy one of the smallest lots was predicated on the developers agreeing to let me make a couple of payments. And the schedule … Continue reading

I’m Buying a Finca in Colombia!

May 19, 2015      I was very busy attending two events in Medellin last week: The Live and Invest in Colombia conference The High Alert Investment Opportunities I thought the second event had been cancelled and ended up being able to participate only by chance. Anthony Wile was standing by the elevator in the InterContinental Hotel in Medellin. I was on the elevator and recognized Anthony from his picture, just as the doors were closing. I’m so glad that recognition dawned on me in the nick of time. It turns out that the people he was talking to were … Continue reading

An Update on Sophia’s Investments as of March 2015

March 18, 2015      Financial Freedom in the form of a Sports Bar The sports bar I’m invested in is still doing fantastically well and is improving. It’s been open for 18 months and I have gotten back all the money I invested plus made an additional 92% return. That means I’ve made 192% return on my money to date. My brother and I would like to open another sports bar, but we’ll take our time to find the right place to do it. The nice thing about having a bar in Illinois is that they allow video gaming. … Continue reading

Creative Ways to Buy Gold

September 3, 2014 In spite of the impression you would have gotten if you read my report “How to Prepare Yourself for the Coming Economic Train Wreck,” I still care about my ex-husband and consider him a friend. I was back in Raleigh for 8 days at the conclusion of my cross-country U.S. adventure so I invited him to dinner and we had a nice time. This was probably my last time in Raleigh, so I wanted to spend some time with him. I went to his house a few other times and we ended up going to lunch together, … Continue reading

My Newest Investment in Gold

April 9, 2014 I have a big diamond that I’ve been planning to wear to my daughter’s wedding. However, I never bought a chain for it. I finally went to a pawn shop to buy a chain and ended up talking to the owner about what to buy that would be valuable in the event of a currency collapse. He didn’t think diamonds were so great and that gold was the thing to own. So I asked if he had any high-content gold items. He had two different 24K Gold chains. One even had a gold pendant on it and … Continue reading

I’ve Achieved Financial Freedom Through my Investment in a Sports Bar!

February 7, 2014 I did not previously mention that I invested in a sports bar in Illinois. I made this investment while I was on my trip to Chile and Panama in April of 2013. The idea came from a longtime friend of my brother’s (I’ll call him Sam). He is a businessman who seems to make money in every business venture he tries. Sam’s brother, Joe, had already successfully established two sports bars in Phoenix so Joe acted as a consultant for the bar in Illinois that Sam, my brother, and I own. The bar opened at the end of … Continue reading

Sophia’s Latest Precious Metals Investments

December 18, 2013 Now that I have some jewelry that is made of 22% gold and a credit-card-sized piece of gold that breaks into 1 gram pieces, I ran out of ideas for new gold products to buy. I considered buying one of the new style bracelets offered by, but decided against it. Instead, I decided to start spreading my physical gold and silver around some more within the U.S. Hence, I ordered $2000-worth of precious metals to be sent to my daughter. I told her that I want to keep my metals in various places just in case something happens … Continue reading