Doctors and Dentists in Panama – My Experiences

April 28, 2016        As long as I was going to be in Panama for a few days, I decided to visit a dermatologist. I had been to one in Panama in 2013 and had a very good experience. Therefore, I had no qualms about having this work done there. And I knew it would be a lot less expensive than having it done in the U.S. I set up an appointment a week before my visit. Once again, I’m pleased with the results. I had several (9) “spots” on my back cauterized and it only cost $150. There … Continue reading

Preparations for My Move to Ecuador – You Should Do this, too

Aug. 14, 2014 Even while I spent 3 months traveling around and living in different parts of the U.S., I was still preparing for my upcoming move to Ecuador. I was originally planning to go to Las Vegas for the Freedom Fest in July, but the timing didn’t quite work out. I needed to be on the east coast during the festival for my day job. I did go to the venue where it was being held on the first night and talked briefly to a couple who was attending the event. I did manage to accomplish my other mission … Continue reading

Why This Author is Delighted to be Living in Cuenca, Ecuador

March 2, 2014 This week, I’m sharing a post from a guest writer. I met her when I was at a dance where the band called Rubber Biscuit was playing. I asked her to write about why she chose to move to Cuenca and what it’s like to live there as a single woman. Here is her article:I always knew I wouldn’t have enough money to retire in the US. Since I’d lived in Mexico and other countries for short periods, I knew I could handle retiring in Latin America. (I also spoke Spanish, having studied it in school.) I … Continue reading