The Mexico Experience

February 22, 2017                 I dance Argentine Tango and asked about dance on a Facebook group for SMA a couple weeks before I left the U.S. I learned that they have dances twice a week. I’ve been to every dance since I arrived. I’ve heard that there are also places to dance Salsa as well as other styles of dance. In fact, there’s an Arthur Murray studio down the hill from where I live. The Tango dancers are a very friendly crowd here. I feel comfortable with them and have not exhibited any … Continue reading

My Experience Acquiring Global Entry

June 22, 2016             When I fly, I never go through the body scanners. I am not convinced that they are safe. And more importantly, I want to exercise my right to choose. I choose the pat-down over the body scanner every time. Rather than feeling the pat-down is humiliating, I feel proud that I’m willing to experience the inconvenience of waiting to be patted down rather than just submit to whatever the government wants me to do because it’s more convenient. To me, it’s like making a choice between freedom and security. I like … Continue reading

Why You Need WhatsApp if You Visit Medellin

August 4, 2015     Using My Mobile Phone in Medellin      This was the first time in a long time that I didn’t get a chip for my phone when I was in a foreign country. That’s because I have a new iPhone that is not unlocked. Fortunately, T-Mobile provided free WiFi calling and free texting. Texting and regular phone calls use the cellular network. If I made a regular phone call, it cost me 20 cents per minute. If I used WiFi calling, it was free, but I had to be connected to the Internet via a WiFi … Continue reading

I’m Buying a Finca in Colombia!

May 19, 2015      I was very busy attending two events in Medellin last week: The Live and Invest in Colombia conference The High Alert Investment Opportunities I thought the second event had been cancelled and ended up being able to participate only by chance. Anthony Wile was standing by the elevator in the InterContinental Hotel in Medellin. I was on the elevator and recognized Anthony from his picture, just as the doors were closing. I’m so glad that recognition dawned on me in the nick of time. It turns out that the people he was talking to were … Continue reading

My First Trading System is Ready for Live Trading

May 7, 2014 I had a coaching call with my trading coach while I was in Austin. He asked a lot of questions about my backtest results and tried to find problems with it. He declared that it looks like a good one and I can start trading it. I was surprised and didn’t feel ready. It implements a short-term long strategy. That sounds weird, doesn’t it? By “long,” I mean that I’ll be buying stocks rather than selling (or shorting) them. And by “short-term,” I mean that the positions will only be open for about 5 days. When my … Continue reading

Trading Wisdom from Ray Dalio

  He believes there are 4 economic conditions: Growth increasing, Growth decreasing, Inflation increasing, and Inflation decreasing. His funds’ strategy is to balance the portfolio with investments that do well in each of the above four environments. In contrast, most conventional portfolios substantially overweight assets that do well in the first category, leading to unbalanced portfolios that can do poorly in other types of environments. The concept that mistakes are the path to progress is one of the pillars of Dalio’s life philosophy. Mistakes are good if they result in learning. He has created a culture in which it is … Continue reading

How to Find Your Soul Mate

I am as positive as I can be that I have found my soul mate. Of course, I have only known him for two weeks now, so as I get to know him better that could change. With the information available to me thus far, I think he’s the one. As I wrote in an earlier post, I met him at a Oneness Deeksha at the Van Tharp Institute. I am writing this to share the way I attracted the man of my dreams into my life. I am sure there are other ways to do so, but I will … Continue reading

Renewing my Passport, Credit Card “Intelligence”, Women’s Workshop and More

There are a couple of things I’ve been wanting to tell you. First, I sent off my passport for renewal on May 29 and got the new one already on June 15. Not too shabby! That was only 2 ½ weeks. So I could travel to any country except for Panama. I have not gotten the old passport back yet (as of June 18) and it has the multiple-entry visa in it. This is the visa which allows me to enter and leave Panama without paying the $2000 fine for leaving the country while I’m in the process of getting … Continue reading