Sophia has Returned to Uruguay for Further Exploration

2017-10-25 I attended a conference in Punta del Este, Uruguay in March 2017. I never got around to writing about what I learned due to a heavy travel schedule. I liked Uruguay enough to return and am writing from La Paloma, Rocha, Uruguay now (October 2017). The2017 Offshore Investment Summit was a production of Banyan Hill Publishing (formerly The Sovereign Society). When I attended the conference in March, I was pleasantly surprised by many things. Because of this and because I met a very nice couple who live in Uruguay part of the year, I decided to come back and … Continue reading

The Mexico Experience

February 22, 2017                 I dance Argentine Tango and asked about dance on a Facebook group for SMA a couple weeks before I left the U.S. I learned that they have dances twice a week. I’ve been to every dance since I arrived. I’ve heard that there are also places to dance Salsa as well as other styles of dance. In fact, there’s an Arthur Murray studio down the hill from where I live. The Tango dancers are a very friendly crowd here. I feel comfortable with them and have not exhibited any … Continue reading

Creature Comforts and Quality of Life in Mexico

February 15, 2017               Heating my Apartment I mentioned having one stand-alone heater in my one-bedroom apartment. It has a propane tank in it. On the nights when the temperature got down to 35 degrees (in early January), I generally ran it in the morning, starting from the moment I got out of bed until the outside temperature hit about 60. There’s nothing to hold the heat in the apartment overnight so it takes a while to heat it up once the sun comes up. During that colder weather, I would bring my clothes … Continue reading

The Art of Grocery Shopping in Mexico

February 8, 2017            The Quest for Bottled Water As is generally the case in the Latin American countries I’ve visited, there are a LOT of little stores that have a very limited selection of items. Many have cold drinks and lots of snack food. I went to these types of stores to buy water before I found a better solution. Now I have huge bottles of water delivered. You need a dispenser for them; my neighbor helped me out with that. Before I was getting my water delivered, I found a place near my apartment … Continue reading

Colorful, Bougainvillea-covered Houses

February 2, 2017 My Attraction to San Miguel      Things I really like about SMA are the sunny skies and intense sun. I also enjoy the colorful houses, one next to the other, covered with flowers. There are beautiful houses with vibrant colors and bougainvillea readily visible to anyone walking down the street. I appreciate that they are not hidden behind gated communities, but can be found everywhere. Well-kept high-end houses are right next to empty or neglected houses. There are tons of artists here and plenty of stores if you’re in the market for art or just like to look. … Continue reading

January 24, 2017 I Didn’t Look Much Like an Experienced Traveler upon my arrival at the Queretaro Airport This story is funny in hindsight, but it wasn’t at the time. I had just deplaned and was standing in line for immigration. I had filled out the immigration form on the plane, but then everyone was handed a customs form while standing in line. This was a bit awkward—trying to fill out the form while standing in line with nothing to write on. Once I finished that task, I watched people as they were waived through by the single immigration agent. … Continue reading

Sophia is on the Move Again – 6 Countries in 4 Months

January 10, 2017 Sophia here. I’m traveling again so I’ll share my experiences and insights with you as I go. Here is an overview of my travel plans through April 2017. Cabo I welcomed in 2017 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This was purely a vacation. I am not considering living there. I looked at some real estate while I was there, just for practice. I can only buy one property and Cabo does not meet my criteria: I want a property that would be a good rental property and also be in a place where I might want to … Continue reading

My Experience Acquiring Global Entry

June 22, 2016             When I fly, I never go through the body scanners. I am not convinced that they are safe. And more importantly, I want to exercise my right to choose. I choose the pat-down over the body scanner every time. Rather than feeling the pat-down is humiliating, I feel proud that I’m willing to experience the inconvenience of waiting to be patted down rather than just submit to whatever the government wants me to do because it’s more convenient. To me, it’s like making a choice between freedom and security. I like … Continue reading

I Finally got my Cedula from Panama!

September 9, 2015     I neglected to write about the final step in my residency process in Panama. On the way back from my trip to Medellin, I stopped in Panama for a few days to get my cedula. If you’re not familiar with what this is, it’s just a national identity card. It is used in many countries in Central and South America. My next step will be to get citizenship and then a passport…if I decide to move forward with it. My qualification for Panamanian citizenship is still several years down the road. Getting the cedula was … Continue reading

I’m heading to Medellin, Colombia on May 9, 2015

May 7, 2015     I thought it would be a good idea to write before I leave on my trip to Colombia. I will be attending the Live and Invest in Colombia conference for 3 days during the first week that I’m there. I’ll move out of the hotel where the conference is being held after the first week. I’ve rented a 2-bedroom apartment for the month after that. The apartment is in the Floresta Park area of Medellin. I really can’t tell you how far that is from El Poblado. El Poblado is the place where all the tourists … Continue reading